Prettify Your Patio Promptly –

Limestone back patio

The customer called and exclaimed how pleased he was. The saddest comment though was “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Ok, so prettify is not a real word.  I just wanted to get your attention.  It is summer with an attitude this year.  It has been dry and it is hot.  And the perfect place to spend these warm, sultry evenings is on the patio.  So let’s really look at that concrete patio.  Is it a stamped concrete patio?  Is it clean and beautiful and a real joy?  Or is it one of those places where you sit and think – we really need to clean this, or I wonder what can be done to restore the color, or I wish our patio was prettier.  So this week, I am going to talk about the easy ways you can “prettify” your patio making it a place of peace and tranquility.  A place where you can relax, de-stress, and let the cares of the world roll away.  Not a place where you add things to your already overburdened “to do “ list.

A really simple way to improve any patio is to clean it.  We had a customer last week who had a beautiful stone patio.  However, because the patio was in the shade all the time and had some low spots that did not drain the water well, the patio was dirty and covered in mold and mildew, making it a less than desirable place to rest.  After the patio was cleaned with SealGreen Mold and Mildew Cleaner, the customer called and exclaimed how pleased he was.  The saddest comment though was “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”  They are putting the house up for sale and now someone else will get to enjoy the clean and beautiful patio.   You can take a so-so concrete patio and make it delightful simply by

This reminds me of the stories about saving the best china for the guests who never come.  Or about saving the dress or the special shoes for that special event that never happens.  We should take the small steps to create beautiful areas in our homes that are special just for us.  If we fixed our homes for us like we fix them to sell – perhaps we wouldn’t want to sell them.

For more information on Stone Cleaners and stone sealers click …..   Stone Cleaner Stone Sealer

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Daydreaming those Sweet Concrete Dreams

Back Patio Dream

Imagine This … You drinking a delicious lemonade

cPearl Pink or Purple Sparkle.

Don’t let those daydreams fade away in the heat – stain your concrete and bring them to colorful life. To learn more about color and how easy is to make your project real click here

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What Concrete Thing can you do for Dad this Father’s Day

Dad Sleeping in backyard

Best gift ever for fathers day —- Relax…zzzzz

Father’s Day – a time to remember and honor your father.  This year, surprise your Dad – do something concrete to honor him.  Surprise him with a clean garage or a clean driveway.  Stain his back patio so he has a pleasant place to relax.  Don’t come bearing gifts this year – do something concrete.

For more information about turning your grey patio into a colorful space visit:

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Don’t Let Cheap Cost you Dearly

Engine problems

What to do if the check engine light goes on?

The stories are endless – the young man who saw the engine light on, didn’t know what to do and kept driving until his engine blew up.  For the lack of a few dollars worth of oil it ended up costing thousands to replace the engine.  Or the homeowner who sees the paint missing from a window sill and thinks they will “get around” to painting it soon.  Then one day they notice that the entire window frame is rotten, the glass has slipped and is leaking cold air, and now there is no fix – only replacement.  A small hole in a garment that isn’t repaired that one day rips and the garment is totally ruined.

I am sure we can all come up with many stories just like these.  So when you see small hairline cracks or pitting in your driveway, do something.  Clean it, seal it, save it and save yourself thousands of dollars in replacement costs.  A little concrete sealing goes a long ways toward saving those precious dollars.

For more information on SealGreen concrete sealers please visit: Concrete Sealer

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Concrete Sealing is for the dogs… and the cats…. And all the animals in the zoo.

Guilty dog

I wish my owner used SealGreen Concrete Cleaner for Kennels.

As every pet owner can testify, dogs and cats (and yes, monkeys and lions and elephants, too) can have accidents.  And if they are in a kennel with a concrete floor or a basement, the urine soaks into the concrete and leaves a horrible odor.  And it seems like no matter what you use on it, nothing takes that odor out.  It lingers and encourages even more accidents.  Not a pleasant situation for man nor beast.  Nor a healthy situation, either.  The State of Missouri has just mandated that all commercial kennels have their concrete cleaned and sealed every year.

So what’s a pet or kennel owner to do?  Use a concrete kennel cleaner that is both environmentally-friendly AND effective.  SealGreen Concrete Kennel Cleaner works like a detergent works in clothing – it pulls the dirt and odor out of the concrete leaving behind a slightly peachy smell (according to the people who have used it).  Not only can you use it before you seal the concrete, you can use it to keep the kennels sweet smelling after the concrete has been sealed.  You will have no more horrible, harsh chemical odors to replace the not-so-nice pet accident odors.  And then seal the concrete with SealGreen Concrete Kennel Sealer which closes the pores of the concrete so that the urine can no longer penetrate but is easily washed off.

This is a highly cost-effective and sweet smelling answer to an odiferous problem that plagues pet owners, kennel owners, and zookeepers everywhere.  It is certainly worth a try.

For more information on SealGreen Kennel Products visit Cleaner  – Sealer

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Urban Legends – The Myth of the Permanent Concrete Sealer

Water on sealed concrete

Sealed concrete repels water, and protects from salt damage

Years ago there was the story that a small manufacturer had discovered the secret of producing a car that could get 80 to 100 miles per gallon of gas.  Then General Motors (or Ford – depending on the version of the story) bought out that small company and buried the technology so that it wouldn’t interfere with their ongoing car sales.  I am sure that this story still circulates and that there are still people who believe it to be true.

In concrete circles, there is another legend being created – the myth of the permanent concrete sealer.  I have seen numerous ads touting that you “never seal your concrete again…really” and they guarantee Permanent Protection for 25 years.  There are signs stating that someone sells “the ONLY permanent concrete sealer”.  There is just enough truth in these ads so that they are not illegal.  The sealer is permanent.  What is questionable is whether this guarantees that your concrete is sealed.

The ads and the sales pitch neglects to tell you that other pores come open.  Concrete is very porous with any number of pores.  So if those pores are clean and open, the concrete sealer penetrates and seals.  Over time and with use of the surface (i.e. driving over it)  other pores come open and these pores are NOT sealed.  Maintenance is required.

We all look for the easy answer, the one-time fix, but they just aren’t real.  There is no oil that we can use so we will never have to change the oil in our car again.  There is no nail polish that once it is on will never need to be redone.  If we expect a “permanent” thing to never require maintenance, we will most likely be disappointed.  The emotional equation – Disappointment equals Reality minus Expectations – holds true in concrete sealing as it does in life.  More about this tomorrow.

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Why don’t we do those things that we know we should do?  Sometimes it is because we really don’t know we should do them.  Or we don’t really understand WHY we should do them.  And sometimes it is because there appears to be more pain involved in DOING that something than there is in NOT DOING it.  Classic examples of that would be exercise or physical therapy.  And sometimes DOING what we should just isn’t very exciting.  How exciting is it to change your furnace filters or to get the oil changed in your car?  We do those things not because they are exciting but because we know in the long run if we don’t do them the resulting damage can cost us a LOT of money.  New furnaces and new engines in cars cost thousands of dollars.

So why don’t we do concrete cleaning and concrete sealing?  I think it is because most people really don’t know that they should do maintenance on concrete.   One of our associates in the concrete industry once told me that the asphalt pavement industry does a terrific job teaching people that asphalt needs to be maintained but that the concrete industry has totally failed in that department.  Most people don’t know the problems they can have with concrete until they have problems – and then they don’t know where to go to get unbiased answers on how to fix those problems.  Most of the time it just takes a little practical advice and a place where you can purchase the materials you need to accomplish the task.  Like how to videos on the SealGreen YouTube Channel.  Or articles about concrete problems in the SealGreen Library.

Knowledge is power – the power to preserve and protect a valuable asset.  Every day I will try to help you get that knowledge.

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Life Lessons for Moms and Graduates –

I just wish that someone would have told me all kinds of things about home ownership

I just wish that someone would have told me all kinds of things about home ownership

All the focus this weekend is on Moms.  But what about our Graduates.   Yesterday we talked about how Mom’s notice things.  Well, as a Mom I notice that our graduates don’t know enough about how to care for and maintain a home.  To tell the truth, when we bought our first home, we didn’t know either.  High school graduates have some time to learn those skills but college graduates need to be thinking about this.  College graduation, marriage, children, home ownership seems to be the natural progression.   I just wish that someone would have told me all kinds of things about home ownership before I ever purchased a home.  I wish someone would have told me all about furnace filters, the different types (permanent vs replaceable), when to check them, clean them, replace them, etc.  I wish someone would have told me about draining a hot water tank to remove the sediment that accumulates in the bottom.  I wish someone would have told me about energy measures such as sealing the leaks in the air ducts and using foam to seal around doors and windows.  There are just a million things that I wish I had known BEFORE the item needed to be replaced and the repairman said “Didn’t you know that if you just did this and such that you could have gotten another 5 years out of your water heater, etc?”    Or how about “if you had sealed your driveway when it was new and kept it up, your driveway would last 20 years instead of the 5 to 7 years that is the average life expectancy in this area.”

Remember that old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  Well, it certainly seems to be true.  Maintaining and taking care of things isn’t as exciting and doesn’t get the adrenaline rush that buying NEW stuff gets.  But over a lifetime of maintaining and taking care of your things, the money saved would probably buy a lot of NEW, exciting things.  Here is a hint about taking care of concrete …. Hint

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Mom’s Notice –

an oasis of peace, quiet and beauty where Mom can sit and relax.

An oasis of peace, quiet and beauty where Mom can sit and relax.

Hey, I am a Mom so I know.  Mom’s notice all the dirt and discoloration in the driveway, the walkway, the front porch, the back patio, and Yes, even the garage (typically delegated as man’s domain).  Mom’s notice things that no one else notices – like hairline cracks in the concrete or cracks in the concrete that get bigger with each passing month.  They can probably even tell you how much bigger the crack is now than it was a month ago.  Mom’s notice.  They see those little pits start to develop.  They see the weeds growing in the dirt where the joint used to be.  They see all those little things that no one else seems to notice.  And they are bothered by them.  Oh, they may not say any thing – or again, they might say a lot.  But they notice!

So how to win the heart of a mother?  Notice those little things that she notices and then do something about them.  Repair the cracks, replace the joints, clean and seal the concrete or clean, stain and seal your back patio.  Create an oasis of peace, quiet and beauty where Mom can sit and relax.  She will appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine.  Want to know how to do these things yourself….. Want to know more?…..


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April Showers Bring………Mold and Mildew

Mold and Mildew on Walkaway

Mold and Mildew on concrete will eventually damage the concrete

The last few days I have been inundated with phone calls from people dealing with mold and mildew on their concrete walkways, patios and driveways and wondering how to get rid of it.  The grass and flowers love all this moisture.  Everything is green and blooming INCLUDING mold and mildew.  Not only is the mold and mildew unsightly but it is dangerous to leave on your concrete.  Mold and mildew are actually living, growing plants that break apart your concrete as they multiply.  Ever so slightly but over time  a little drip of water can wear away a mountain just like the mold and mildew plants can tear apart your concrete patio, concrete walkway or concrete driveway.  A little known fact is that concrete sealers used after the concrete is clean will help prevent the regrowth of the mold and mildew.

We don’t own our possessions – they own us.  We have to insure them, clean them, protect them (or replace them).  Concrete cleaned and sealed just makes one possession (your concrete) easier to take care of.

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