A Concrete Way to Enjoy Your Summer

Before after sealer application

Most people come to us to talk about their stamped colored concrete not to protect it but to bring back the color and shine

All week we have been talking about cleaning and sealing your stamped colored concrete in order to maintain it.  Most people come to us to talk about their stamped colored concrete not to protect it but to bring back the color and shine.  More people worry about cleaning and sealing stamped decorative concrete because when the sealer starts to deteriorate, the beauty of the concrete is compromised.  It LOOKS like it needs restoration so people take care of it.  Your concrete driveway has no such obvious way of crying out to you that it needs to be cleaned and sealed also.  It LOOKS the same, year after year, UNTIL it starts pitting or develops cracks.  Then people look at it and do something.  Concrete breaks down slowly INSIDE as the water freezing inside breaks down the cell walls.  Only after significant damage has been done does the damage appear on the surface where people can see it.  Sort of like certain diseases inside the human body – diabetes, heart disease, etc.  Don’t wait until your concrete LOOKS like it needs help – be proactive and diagnose the illness before it becomes a major disease.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Small dollars spent on maintenance early on will prevent major expenditures including replacement later.

A concrete way to enjoy your summer – do your maintenance early and then sit back and enjoy your concrete all summer – knowing that you won’t have to scurry around this fall and do something before winter comes.  Surprisingly,  September, October and November are the busiest months for concrete sealing.  Humans procrastinate and then hurry to seal the concrete before winter comes.  Especially seal your stamped concrete now so you can enjoy the beauty all summer. For more information on how to seal your stamped concrete follow this LINK


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