Concrete Sealing is for the dogs… and the cats…. And all the animals in the zoo.

Guilty dog

I wish my owner used SealGreen Concrete Cleaner for Kennels.

As every pet owner can testify, dogs and cats (and yes, monkeys and lions and elephants, too) can have accidents.  And if they are in a kennel with a concrete floor or a basement, the urine soaks into the concrete and leaves a horrible odor.  And it seems like no matter what you use on it, nothing takes that odor out.  It lingers and encourages even more accidents.  Not a pleasant situation for man nor beast.  Nor a healthy situation, either.  The State of Missouri has just mandated that all commercial kennels have their concrete cleaned and sealed every year.

So what’s a pet or kennel owner to do?  Use a concrete kennel cleaner that is both environmentally-friendly AND effective.  SealGreen Concrete Kennel Cleaner works like a detergent works in clothing – it pulls the dirt and odor out of the concrete leaving behind a slightly peachy smell (according to the people who have used it).  Not only can you use it before you seal the concrete, you can use it to keep the kennels sweet smelling after the concrete has been sealed.  You will have no more horrible, harsh chemical odors to replace the not-so-nice pet accident odors.  And then seal the concrete with SealGreen Concrete Kennel Sealer which closes the pores of the concrete so that the urine can no longer penetrate but is easily washed off.

This is a highly cost-effective and sweet smelling answer to an odiferous problem that plagues pet owners, kennel owners, and zookeepers everywhere.  It is certainly worth a try.

For more information on SealGreen Kennel Products visit Cleaner  – Sealer


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