Why don’t we do those things that we know we should do?  Sometimes it is because we really don’t know we should do them.  Or we don’t really understand WHY we should do them.  And sometimes it is because there appears to be more pain involved in DOING that something than there is in NOT DOING it.  Classic examples of that would be exercise or physical therapy.  And sometimes DOING what we should just isn’t very exciting.  How exciting is it to change your furnace filters or to get the oil changed in your car?  We do those things not because they are exciting but because we know in the long run if we don’t do them the resulting damage can cost us a LOT of money.  New furnaces and new engines in cars cost thousands of dollars.

So why don’t we do concrete cleaning and concrete sealing?  I think it is because most people really don’t know that they should do maintenance on concrete.   One of our associates in the concrete industry once told me that the asphalt pavement industry does a terrific job teaching people that asphalt needs to be maintained but that the concrete industry has totally failed in that department.  Most people don’t know the problems they can have with concrete until they have problems – and then they don’t know where to go to get unbiased answers on how to fix those problems.  Most of the time it just takes a little practical advice and a place where you can purchase the materials you need to accomplish the task.  Like how to videos on the SealGreen YouTube Channel.  Or articles about concrete problems in the SealGreen Library.

Knowledge is power – the power to preserve and protect a valuable asset.  Every day I will try to help you get that knowledge.

About SealGreen.Com

This is Connie Hernandez writing for SealGreen.com and ReUse Concrete Sealing. I love all things green and I love all things concrete. Ten years ago I knew nothing about the world of concrete and now that I know more - it has become totally fascinating. There is so much to talk about regarding the concrete things in life. I will be posting weekly to start and if this catches on - I will be posting more frequently. As long as you keep it positive, clean, and useful -- anyone is welcome to: ♦ comment ♦ ask questions ♦ become part of the conversation I will try to respond promptly to every comment, question, etc. And from time to time I hope to be able to feature guest bloggers. I love participation and lively debate. ~Connie
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  1. Good use of analogies’ to illuminate this expensive lesson!

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