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I just wish that someone would have told me all kinds of things about home ownership

I just wish that someone would have told me all kinds of things about home ownership

All the focus this weekend is on Moms.  But what about our Graduates.   Yesterday we talked about how Mom’s notice things.  Well, as a Mom I notice that our graduates don’t know enough about how to care for and maintain a home.  To tell the truth, when we bought our first home, we didn’t know either.  High school graduates have some time to learn those skills but college graduates need to be thinking about this.  College graduation, marriage, children, home ownership seems to be the natural progression.   I just wish that someone would have told me all kinds of things about home ownership before I ever purchased a home.  I wish someone would have told me all about furnace filters, the different types (permanent vs replaceable), when to check them, clean them, replace them, etc.  I wish someone would have told me about draining a hot water tank to remove the sediment that accumulates in the bottom.  I wish someone would have told me about energy measures such as sealing the leaks in the air ducts and using foam to seal around doors and windows.  There are just a million things that I wish I had known BEFORE the item needed to be replaced and the repairman said “Didn’t you know that if you just did this and such that you could have gotten another 5 years out of your water heater, etc?”    Or how about “if you had sealed your driveway when it was new and kept it up, your driveway would last 20 years instead of the 5 to 7 years that is the average life expectancy in this area.”

Remember that old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  Well, it certainly seems to be true.  Maintaining and taking care of things isn’t as exciting and doesn’t get the adrenaline rush that buying NEW stuff gets.  But over a lifetime of maintaining and taking care of your things, the money saved would probably buy a lot of NEW, exciting things.  Here is a hint about taking care of concrete …. Hint


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