Mom’s Notice –

an oasis of peace, quiet and beauty where Mom can sit and relax.

An oasis of peace, quiet and beauty where Mom can sit and relax.

Hey, I am a Mom so I know.  Mom’s notice all the dirt and discoloration in the driveway, the walkway, the front porch, the back patio, and Yes, even the garage (typically delegated as man’s domain).  Mom’s notice things that no one else notices – like hairline cracks in the concrete or cracks in the concrete that get bigger with each passing month.  They can probably even tell you how much bigger the crack is now than it was a month ago.  Mom’s notice.  They see those little pits start to develop.  They see the weeds growing in the dirt where the joint used to be.  They see all those little things that no one else seems to notice.  And they are bothered by them.  Oh, they may not say any thing – or again, they might say a lot.  But they notice!

So how to win the heart of a mother?  Notice those little things that she notices and then do something about them.  Repair the cracks, replace the joints, clean and seal the concrete or clean, stain and seal your back patio.  Create an oasis of peace, quiet and beauty where Mom can sit and relax.  She will appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine.  Want to know how to do these things yourself….. Want to know more?…..


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This is Connie Hernandez writing for and ReUse Concrete Sealing. I love all things green and I love all things concrete. Ten years ago I knew nothing about the world of concrete and now that I know more - it has become totally fascinating. There is so much to talk about regarding the concrete things in life. I will be posting weekly to start and if this catches on - I will be posting more frequently. As long as you keep it positive, clean, and useful -- anyone is welcome to: ♦ comment ♦ ask questions ♦ become part of the conversation I will try to respond promptly to every comment, question, etc. And from time to time I hope to be able to feature guest bloggers. I love participation and lively debate. ~Connie
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