Visibility can determine the need

Concrete sealers have been around for a long time. However, most people are unaware of concrete sealers and why they should seal their concrete. They know about wood deck sealers and even asphalt sealers because the people who build decks and those who install asphalt always leave behind these words of wisdom “Don’t forget to seal this every two years or so if you want it to last”. For some reason, the people who install concrete don’t tell their customers about concrete sealers. In fact, many of those people don’t really understand concrete sealers, why they are used, that there are different types of sealers, and when different sealers are appropriate.

And then what about people who buy a house already built – either new or used. No one tells the new homeowner that they should seal the concrete driveway or reseal their stamped concrete patio. The new homeowner realizes that they need to do something with their deck because of the “appearance” of the deck – the visible signs of wear and aging. Concrete ages from the inside out – invisible to the eye until damage forces its way out. And by that time, lots of damage has been done inside the concrete. Now the homeowner or small business owner plays keep-up to try and prevent the damage from spreading further and getting worse.


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This is Connie Hernandez writing for and ReUse Concrete Sealing. I love all things green and I love all things concrete. Ten years ago I knew nothing about the world of concrete and now that I know more - it has become totally fascinating. There is so much to talk about regarding the concrete things in life. I will be posting weekly to start and if this catches on - I will be posting more frequently. As long as you keep it positive, clean, and useful -- anyone is welcome to: ♦ comment ♦ ask questions ♦ become part of the conversation I will try to respond promptly to every comment, question, etc. And from time to time I hope to be able to feature guest bloggers. I love participation and lively debate. ~Connie
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