Our daily life is made up of wants and needs

Need or a want?

Stamped Pool deck

Our daily life is made up of wants and needs.  We all make decisions based upon what we need i.e. food, shelter, transportation, clothing, etc. vs what we want.  We need a reliable car to get us to and from work but we want a Lexus.  We need a roof and four walls to shelter us but we want the nicest looking house in the neighborhood.  And once we purchase that beautiful home, we want to keep it looking beautiful.  That want creates a need for maintenance – so I ask you, is cleaning and sealing your concrete a want or a need?  On one hand we want to keep our homes beautiful and we “want” (or is this financial need?) to maintain our property values.  So if we want to maintain (or even enhance) the look of our homes and keep our property values at their highest, I maintain that cleaning and sealing your concrete, your brick and stone, your outdoor kitchen and patio, and your garage become more than a want – they become a need.


About SealGreen.Com

This is Connie Hernandez writing for SealGreen.com and ReUse Concrete Sealing. I love all things green and I love all things concrete. Ten years ago I knew nothing about the world of concrete and now that I know more - it has become totally fascinating. There is so much to talk about regarding the concrete things in life. I will be posting weekly to start and if this catches on - I will be posting more frequently. As long as you keep it positive, clean, and useful -- anyone is welcome to: ♦ comment ♦ ask questions ♦ become part of the conversation I will try to respond promptly to every comment, question, etc. And from time to time I hope to be able to feature guest bloggers. I love participation and lively debate. ~Connie
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