Concrete can be fun

Most people don’t even think about their concrete – must less think that their concrete can be fun.  People are doing such creative things with concrete now – stamped, stained, colored, made into counter-tops, furniture, artwork – and now – amazingly enough – transparent concrete.  It was developed by a Hungarian architect Aron Losonczi, and is called LiTraCon.  It was the featured Smart Story of the Month on SmartPlanet.  Can you imagine how great transparent concrete would be in a parking garage to add light? Pictures


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This is Connie Hernandez writing for and ReUse Concrete Sealing. I love all things green and I love all things concrete. Ten years ago I knew nothing about the world of concrete and now that I know more - it has become totally fascinating. There is so much to talk about regarding the concrete things in life. I will be posting weekly to start and if this catches on - I will be posting more frequently. As long as you keep it positive, clean, and useful -- anyone is welcome to: ♦ comment ♦ ask questions ♦ become part of the conversation I will try to respond promptly to every comment, question, etc. And from time to time I hope to be able to feature guest bloggers. I love participation and lively debate. ~Connie
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  1. Thank you for your concrete thoughts

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